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The Docket

8 June 2010

Agenda items brought up at this morning’s staff meeting at my Junior High School:

  • A bookshelf was dented in the library. The library removed the offending shelf to show it to the rest of the staff, and asked teachers to remind their students about how inappropriate it is to run in the library. The shelf will be replaced forthwith.
  • Teachers are asked to remind students that the cheering committee will meet during afternoon recess. Attendance of all students who are not participating in the middle school sports festival is recommended.
  • Graffiti with offensive words (literally translated as “idiot”, “jerk”, etc) were found written in red pen in the first floor boy’s toilet. First period is therefore cancelled for the first graders, and will be replaced with an all-class emergency meeting. The first grade teachers are still considering what course of action to take, and how we will seek out those responsible, but at the very least, all students will be required to write an essay giving their perspective on why this behavior is unacceptable. Homeroom teachers should collect these essays by the end of the day.
  • The students manner of greeting teachers in the hallways is lacking in enthusiasm. Please be diligent in correcting them.
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